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 Alternatives to Statin Drugs To Lower Cholesterol    
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Alternatives to Statin Drugs To Lower Cholesterol

By Barrett Niehus

Pantethine, Niacin and Policosanol Found to Lower Cholesterol But Without Harmful Side Effects

" Many doctors just not know about it. Drug companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and have sales reps pushing statin drugs. Because Pantethine and Niacin are naturally occurring compounds, they're not profitable, and not pushed. "
Is there an alternative to statin drugs such as Lipitor and Pravachol? If yes, does it have any side effects? Physicians are facing these questions each day however, most have bought into the drug companies marketing, and have not done the research for themselves.

The truth is that there a number of naturally-occurring compounds that will work as well as, or better than, these multi-million dollar drugs. These compounds are found naturally in our bodies, or are found in nature.

They don’t cause the side effects commonly found with statins, and are much safer to use. These compounds have been clinically shown to improve cholesterol levels without the heart damaging side effects found with statin drugs.


So what are these compounds, and why hasn’t the doctor told me about them? Well, there are a couple of them. The first is Pantethine . Pantethine is a compound in your body that is created from vitamin B-5. Although your body produces it through enzyme metabolism, supplementation of Pantethine has been shown to significantly improve your cholesterol levels. As your body uses Pantethine, it slows down cholesterol production in your liver.

Pantethine also increases the rate at which your metabolism uses fats. Because of this effect, Pantethine has been clinically demonstrated to increase your level of good cholesterol (HDL) while lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body.

Where is the proof? Japan has actually been using Pantethine for over 30 years. There are a number of clinical trials that demonstrate its effectiveness on cholesterol levels, as well as improved liver function.

Niacin Shown to Decrease LDL

In addition to Pantethine, the mineral Niacin has been shown to greatly decrease the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood stream. Our Niacin intake is typically pretty low in western diets because of the number and type of processed foods that we eat.

Subsequently, supplementation has been shown to significantly improve our cholesterol profile. In fact, the combination of Niacin and Pantethine can be more effective than statins in improving overall cholesterol levels.

The impact of this is significant, especially when you consider that side of effects of Pantethine and Niacin are non-existent when compared to the effects of statin drugs on you heart, liver, and short term memory. In fact, there are no documented short or long-term side effects with Pantethine. The only side effect with Niacin is a short term hot flash that is harmless, and can be avoided by taking time-release Niacin or taking an aspirin fifteen minutes before taking the Niacin.

Why Don't Doctors Prescribe Pantethine or Niacin?

Well, the answer is, he may just not know about it. Unlike drugs companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising and have sales reps whose only job is to push their statin drug, Pantethine and Niacin are naturally occurring compounds.

Because they are natural and common compounds, nobody can patent them. Because a drug companies cannot patent and therefore have exclusive right to sell the compounds, no significant investment in marketing or education for Pantethine and Niacin has been made. Subsequently, your doctor may just not know.

Policosanol Also Lowers Cholesterol

The final compound that has been demonstrated to have a dramatic effect on cholesterol levels is Policosanol. This compound is a waxy substance taken from sugar cane or bees wax. It has been demonstrated to significantly reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol and to raise good (HDL) cholesterol levels in the blood stream.

The specific mechanism that Policosanol uses to improve cholesterol levels is not as understood as that of Niacin and Pantethine. However, it is believed to both increase the elimination of LDL cholesterol in the blood stream and aid the liver in creating good (HDL) cholesterol in a manner similar to Pantethine.

You Have Choices To Lower Your Cholesterol

Well, if you have high cholesterol, it means you have choices. Statin drugs are highly effective. However, side effects for statins range from muscle atrophy to loss of short term memory to significant heart damage. Because statin drugs block your body from producing an enzyme that makes an essential heart health vitamin as well as cholesterol, the potential for negative side effects can be significant. Alternatively, supplementation with Pantethine, Niacin, Policosanol, or all three simultaneously has been shown to have no damaging side effects and can be just as effective as statin drugs.

About Barrett Niehus
Barrett Niehus is a principal at IP Ware and is a technical associate of Compound Solutions, in Escondido, California.

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In addition to Pantethine, the mineral Niacin has been shown to greatly decrease the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood stream. Our Niacin intake is typically pretty low in western diets because of the number and type of processed foods that we eat. Subsequently, supplementation has been shown to significantly improve our cholesterol profile. In fact, the combination of Niacin and Pantethine can be more effective than statins in improving overall cholesterol levels. Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site , Visit Site The impact of this is significant, especially when you consider that side of effects of Pantethine and Niacin are non-existent when compared to the effects of statin drugs on you heart, liver, and short term memory. In fact, there are no documented short or long-term side effects with Pantethine. The only side effect with Niacin is a short term hot flash that is harmless, and can be avoided by taking time-release Niacin or taking an aspirin fifteen minutes before taking the Niacin.
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by john Black
Niacin " what dosage ? "
I can only report on niacin and that does not include cholestrol measurements. I found that small dosage of niacin produced an immediate reaction. this was a sharp hot flush to my skin, especially the face and neck. I worry then at what might happen if I used the high dose mentioned in one of the above reviews. However I would be happy to use the three compounds in this alternative if I can get advice on dosage and costs. the latter assumes non payment from the NHS in the UK.
by Britt Minshall
Statins are bad medicine
I tried Lipacore on three occasions at the request of my physican. The first time I lost my ability to talk after each dose for about an hour. While hillarious I think it dangerous. On all 3 occasions I became unable to pass urine for several hours. The same thing happened when I tried 500 mg doses (large dose)of Niacin. I would not touch statins with a ten foot pole.
by Barbara Wintle
Statin drugs
I was prescribed the drug simvastatin for my high cholesterol I had a severe drug reaction and was taken to the ER by ambulance. After my severe vomiting and diarrhea I lost my ability to stand on my own I was put on an IV which helped the situation but my body had been severly shocked and I had a stroke in the ER. This was brought on by the drug reaction. People should be aware.BW

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