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 HOGGAN Sprint Circuit Magnetic Marketing for Health Clubs and Express Gyms    
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Hogan Sprint Circuit Shoulder Press Lat Pull Down Machine


HOGGAN Sprint Circuit: Magnetic Marketing for Health Clubs and Express Gyms


Elegant, intuitive and non-intimidating strength training equipment uses magnetic technology behind the scenes to attract the boomer, women, junior and senior newcomers to circuit training. Its versatility can pamper the beginner or make a gym rat sweat.

Every club owner wishes they had a "magnet" to attract more members through their doors, and now they can. It's called "Magnatech™", the patented breakthrough in resistance and driving force behind the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit. It's a revolutionary design in strength machines engineered from the ground up to remove complexity and intimidation and, yes, attract the huge untapped market yet to join a health club.

Traditional multipurpose health club owners have come to realize the endless, non-rewarding battle of fighting over the "fit" 18 - 35 year-old fitness market, where it takes a great deal of effort and dollars to gain a couple points of market share of the existing 45 million people already attending health clubs.

"Our research team returned with a novel form of resistance that is magnetic."
    -- Ryan Dean Hoggan, Executive V.P. for HOGGAN Health Industries

The real reward is attracting the roughly 200 million Americans not currently frequenting health clubs, who will exercise for "wellness" to achieve greater vitality and disease prevention rather than "ripped" bodies. They are encouraged by their employers and their health insurance carriers to adopt exercise as a regular habit. But to date, they have been disappointed by standard health clubs and have simply shied away.

The existing complicated atmosphere of traditional health clubs has failed to attract this massive market, especially the heavy iron of free weights and weight stack machines - but now there's a totally new concept in strength machines that is inviting, non-intimidating, intuitive, and already a proven concept with juniors, women and seniors.

According to Rick Barnhart, owner of Future Lady Fitness of Jackson, Mississippi, "We installed the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit and several of the HOGGAN Sprint Cardio machines at the 'get go' when we opened our Jackson club at the end of 2005. The equipment is extremely appealing to all of our lady members, but in particular, it is absolutely the perfect equipment for women who are completely out of shape."

A Scientific Alternative to Weight Stacks and Hydraulic Pistons

Up until now, the rapidly emerging express gym market has relied almost solely on hydraulic piston machines to remove the intimidation factor in the exploding sector of women-only and co-ed 30-minute circuit gyms. Although they solved the complexity, hydraulic machines have inherent limitations - awkward resistance settings (if at all), jerky back and forth movements, and almost all are devoid of aesthetics.
Future Lady Fitness Sprint Ciruit
Rick Barnhart, owner of Future Lady Fitness of Jackson, Mississippi, put in the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit when he opened his club in 2005. The members have the option of using them as a circuit or as individual exercise stations with the other equipment.

"We saw the same intrinsic problems with hydraulic and weight stack machines as the express gyms did," said Ryan Dean Hoggan, Executive V.P. for HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc. and director of business development for the company. "So, we totally stopped development of our previous weight stack models, and gave our engineers the task of developing another resistance system that is not weight stack, not hydraulic, not pneumatic, and provides dual purpose double concentric resistance (works one set of muscles in one direction and another in the opposite direction). The system must be easy to use, durable, and meet our high aesthetic standards for fit and finish. Our research team returned with a novel form of resistance that is magnetic."

"After many years of research and development," Ryan went on to say, "We created our current line called the 'HOGGAN Sprint Circuit'. The exclusive line is nine stations of strength training equipment that addresses all critical body parts. The footprints are so compact and efficient, a circuit can be configured in a little as 300 ft2 with room for jogging squares left over. The beauty is, although they're designed to be coordinated in a circuit, members also get fabulous results by using them individually or interspersed with other machines or free weights."

A Versatile Tool for Personal Trainers

Personal trainer Steve Puryear owns and operates a high end personal training studio called Professional Health & Fitness in Short Hills, New Jersey. Located in an affluent suburb just outside Newark Airport, he caters to high demanding professionals and their spouses. Puryear has clients that have been with him since he opened the studio seven years ago and is constantly striving to keep them challenged with fresh and innovative modalities, the latest being the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit.

After careful scrutiny, he chose the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit with Magnatech™ technology over hydraulic machines. "Hydraulics never seem to hold up. I don't like the feel of them. The best way to describe the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit is it feels 'liquid'. It has a really smooth forward and back motion", he explained. "Hydraulics do not because you push it and it stops, and then you have to force your way to bring it back. It's a snappy jerky kind of feel to it, but again the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit just flows really well."
Hoggan Sprint Circuit Shoulder Press Lat Pull Down
After years of development, HOGGAN Health Industries developed a line of circuit machines using Magnatech™, a system of magnetic resistance which gives a smooth liquid feel. Notice how sleek and non-intimidating the styling is.
He added, "It is probably some of the best equipment I have ever purchased. I love it, I really do, my clients love it, my trainers love it, it's something you can get in and out of quickly, you're not setting it, and you're not adjusting it. It's a turn of the dial and go. "

"I particularly like the double concentric resistance since you have to do the work the entire time. With a weight stack machine, if I use my energy to push the weight away from me, gravity brings it back for me. With Magnatech, you actually have to pull it back, so I'm working the whole time, not half the time. It goes above and beyond what most pieces of equipment do."

As a personal training studio, Professional Health & Fitness in Short Hills doesn't offer "open club circuit training", but Puryear uses the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit machines as advanced training devices. "You can take anybody that's in great shape and put them on the HOGGAN and they'll say 'Oh my God, that was a great workout!' said Puryear. "For about 8 weeks, all I did was use the HOGGAN machines for all my clients. Endurance wise there's no match."

HOGGAN Health Industries: 45 Years of Innovation

The innovative features of the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit didn't just appear overnight out of the blue. HOGGAN Health Industries, Inc. has been in existence since 1961, designing not only fitness products but advanced medical and ergonomic products as well. The design of the HOGGAN Sprint Circuit had been incubating for years in the HOGGAN labs.

Over the years, HOGGAN engineers have analyzed biomechanics from a number of viewpoints: musculoskeletal testing to identify areas of muscular weakness or loss of motion due to injury or disease, ergonomic measuring devices to determine the amount and direction of force it takes a human to push or pull a heavy object. All of this adds up to a highly concentrated skill set and knowledge base about all human movements.

HOGGAN Health Industries was actually an early leader in circuit training and first introduced their weight stack version back in 1985. Thus, they are no strangers to the concept of strength training and are particularly keen on proper design of circuit stations.

According to Ryan Dean Hoggan, "Some hydraulic manufacturers are brand new to the business, they've only been doing it for 2-3 years and many are machinists, not scientists. With HOGGAN, there are in -house engineers comprising hundreds of man-years of biometric experience over our 45 years of design and experience in the health and wellness industries."

Most club owners will recognize HOGGAN for its advanced line of cardio equipment designed for circuit training. They offer a complete line from treadmills to ellipticals and recently pushed the envelope with their development of the "Airbounder".

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