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 How to Increase Your Health Club Sales    
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jim thomas

How to Increase Your Health Club Sales

By: Jim Thomas

Health club sales & marketing specialist Jim Thomas shares tips to help your membership sales staff increase their self-confidence and get results…

" If you are truly selling on the benefits and results your health club guest can receive, you'll have much more success than if you focus on money. Money only invites comparison. "
We do Health Club specific sales training all across the county…and the question heard most often? How do I increase membership sales at my health club? If you have never sold a health club membership then you are probably nervous or not very confident when you tour the club and present membership programs to health club guests. Here are some ways to increase your health club sales.

1. Increase Health Club Memberships Sales by Sounding Confident.

You have to sound confident when talking about your health club and fitness programs. You need to give the health club guest the impression that you know what you are talking about. You need to be able to tell health club members, guests and prospects about your health club and the benefits they can receive without sounding like a script. Club guests and prospects can tell when you have been reading off of a script that you don't have memorized. A proven health club script must be memorized and with practice…then you can say it and sound confident.

2. Increase Health Club Sales by Being Friendly

Health club guests and prospects like to talk to membership sales people who are friendly. Be kind and smile time when working with your guests. Don't talk too much though. You want to stay in control of the conversation, but you don't want to come across as being a pushy membership sales person. Get in the habit of asking questions and showing a sincere interest in your health club guest.
Fitness Girl Smiling
Always smile when talking to your club's members and guests. It shows that you enjoy your club and helping to change people's lives - and it makes your members and guests feel good!

3. Increase Health Club Sales By Asking The Right Questions

Ask your health club guest what specific results they would like to accomplish. Ask them why it's important to them. It shows your health club guest that you care about them when you ask the right questions. It shows that you care about their needs and want them to be happy with the health club and the results they are getting.

4. Increase Health Club Sales by Always Attempting To Close The Membership

"Close the health club membership" means to make the sale. You must have some decent boldness and ASK. And you'll have to do it more than once.

If you are truly selling on the benefits and results your health club guest can receive, you'll have much more success than if you focus on money. Money only invites comparison.

For those of you who have followed other training materials, we're referring to Super Objective Selling.

5. Increase Health Club Sales by Never Assuming What Your Health Club Guests Want

Don't make the mistake of assuming what goals your health club guest has for themselves. Don't be pushy. Don't try to sell your health club guests the same service over and over again if they indicated the first or second time that they aren't interested in additional health club services.

Don't make your health club guest think that you only care about getting a sale. Think of your health club members and guests as your friends you are trying to help. Talk to your members and guests as you would give advice and suggestions to a friend. Take a consultative approach.

Always make sure to smile when talking to health club members and guests. Health Club members and guests love to see a happy membership sales person. There is nothing worse than going to a health club and have to deal with crabby over worked tired membership salesperson. Most of all have fun at selling health club memberships and changing people's lives.

Now, go make a sale!

About Jim Thomas

Go to About Jim Thomas page.

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