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 How to Make Money With a Free Fitness Blog    
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Craig Ballantyne


How to Make Money With a Free Fitness Blog

Blogs are the perfect tool for fitness professionals who want to get started making money on the Internet. First, you can start a blog for free and second, they are easy to use and require no special computer knowledge.

By: Craig Ballantyne

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What is a blog?

A blog is a specific type of website. Technically, blog is short for "weblog," which refers to a site a person updates on a consistent basis, and the posts are arranged in chronological sequence. I'm sure you've come across several different blogs during your website surfing.

I have my own free blog at

For our purposes, your blog can also act as your main website, allowing you to post whatever you want and even make money by selling your products or someone else's products.

The best content for a blog includes short articles (500 words or less) related to your specific fitness niche, because blog readers tend to want to get the information fast and then move on to the next blog on their list.

Literally, your blog will function like any other website. Each post is a "new page," and that looks good in Google's "eyes" because you are adding new content on a regular basis. As a result, the software at Google will frequently check out your blog and see what's new and then add your latest post to their search engine listings. This is just one way people will find your blog on the web.

When it comes to creating content for your blog, you should always be original and entertaining. You'll notice that the best blogs in any niche contain a hint of the personal touch. Each author gives a little bit, but not too much, personal info (talking about family, pets, weather in their area, what they did on the weekend, etc.). This allows the reader to connect with the author and for a trusting relationship to evolve.

Why is that important?

Remember this rule:

We buy from people we like and trust.

More on building trust and relationship later, when I talk about writing posts.

Why start a blog?

Simple, you can start one for zero dollars. There is no overhead. If you have a computer and Internet access, you are in business.

All you do is create the content, share your story, develop relationships, and tell people about your website (where you sell products), your training studio, or other products that you recommend as an affiliate.

That's all there is to it. It's an easy, no-cost way to get your message out on the Internet and start making money online.

How to blog?

1) I recommend getting a free blog from

And remember, this blog will not cost you a penny. You don't pay for website hosting or website design. Blogger does all of that for you.

2) Give your blog a title.

Note: You want to pick a title that has some type of niche-related keyword in the title. For example, if you want to write about fat loss, then "" is a good name. Those are good keywords to have in your title and will also help you get found easier in the search engines.

Try to keep your title short, although as blogs get more popular and more names are taken, that becomes more difficult everyday. So be creative. You might even use your name, such as, "BobsFatLossWorkouts".

What to blog?

The key is original content. You can talk about your best client stories, your own personal workouts, the science behind your training philosophy, reader mail, or anything related to your fitness niche.

But make sure the content is an easy read, and save the science stuff for research journals. Basically, just "be yourself". By writing a blog, you'll quickly become a credible expert in your fitness niche, and if you add a little personality, people will quickly come to know and like you - and that will keep them coming back everyday, all while building a relationship with you.

So telling your story and being yourself is really just the easiest thing to do. Trying to be someone else will come across as fake faster than someone can click the button on their mouse. And that's what they'll do, they'll click the "back" button and leave.

How to Get People to Your Blog

The first and easiest way to get people to your blog is to tell them about it. Now, I'm not recommending "spamming" anyone, but you can email a link to your blog to your close friends and family. That's a start. You can also mention it on your Facebook, MySpace, or any other social networking site you belong too.

Second, you should exchange links with other related blogs. Almost every blog has an area called a "blog roll" where you post links to your other favorite blogs, and those blogs often post a link back to yours.

Third, if you participate in any Internet forums, you can post a link to your blog in your signature. Again, don't "spam" the forums, but whenever you have something valuable to post in a forum, make sure you have a link to your blog in your signature.

Your forum signature might look something like this:

Craig B.

or this:

Craig B.
Visit my fitness blog here

Third, you simply need to post good quality content about your topic. If you are creative, interesting, and sometimes controversial, people will stop by your blog everyday to see your latest opinions. You can also choose to allow people to comment on your blog posts, and this will increase traffic as well as people return to see how the discussion unfolds.

In addition, your posts should contain words and phrases from the Keyword list you developed earlier. For example, using the correct keywords in your posts will help your posts on "fat loss for women" get found when folks search, "fat loss for women".

So if you haven't already, sit down and spend some time generating a big keyword list of at least 300 keywords and phrases. It sounds like a lot, but you'll come up with them really quickly. Then start writing about the top 5-10 keywords on your list that you think will be the most popular topics. When in doubt, just write about the most common topics that come up between you and your clients.

Here are some questions to ask when coming up with your keyword list:
  • What terms would people use to search for the product you are promoting?
  • What does the product do? What are the benefits and uses of it?
  • Find out what keywords are being used by other sites for this niche.
When writing a post, focus on 2-3 keywords. Use a main keyword in the title of your post, as well as the first line of the post. Make sure to use the main keyword a couple more times in the post.

Here are some interesting topics for you to consider writing about:
  • Nutrition tips or recipes or your grocery list
  • Lessons from your client's workouts
  • Tips on how to overcome bad habits or lack of motivation
  • Crazy things you see at your gym
  • Your top 10 exercises; fat loss foods; protein shake recipes; etc.
  • Rants about cardio; machines; people at your gym; diets; etc.
  • Motivational stories you've experienced or have been motivated by
  • Your comments on current events related to fitness and fat loss
  • Pictures of your meals (also known as "food porn" in the blog world)
  • Fitness equipment reviews

Blog Wrap-up

Blogging is about the easiest thing a computer beginner could do on the Internet to get started making money. You can blog to get your training facility noticed, to sell an e-book or DVD you created, or to refer readers to other websites so that you'll get paid an affiliate commission if they purchase a product there.

All of this can be done without investing a penny in expensive software or web designers. So follow these steps to get started blogging today. Be consistent, and become a trusted authority in the eyes of your readers.

About Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the author of Turbulence Training and is a regular contributor to Men's Health magazine. Craig is also the creator of the Online SuperProfits System which helps personal trainers make the online income they deserve.

To discover a guaranteed way of building your online business, along with how to use video, free reports, ebooks, and forums to maximize your success, visit

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"We have friends in different positions--John schneider, john dorsey and reggie mckenzie--There's conversations going on so you kind of bounce things off,"Thompson told nflm,"But nobody really tells the truth, so you have to discern what's truth and what's the untruth and what's the truth that he's trying to get me to buy into so i'll believe the untruth.

A handful of names can be argued for the top spot--Mainly green, calvin johnson, andre johnson, reggie wayne and larry fitzgerald--Most fans would argue that more names should be in the mix.But does green already top these other all-Pro receivers?

Kickstarter is a wonderful thing.The nfl is a wonderful thing. (Sometimes. )Why can't we combine them?Because the nfl is overrun with money and has no need for a site that's most frequently used to crowd-Source the funding of creative projects by independent bands, software developers, and exceedingly rich stars of terribly aging movies.Sports franchises do have something resembling crowd-Sourced financing, of course, but the difference between the projects on kickstarter and the tax boondoggles that lead to bullshit like marlins park is that you actually get to choose whether you want to donate to a project on kickstarter.Oh, and you get something in return for your donation, too.

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