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 How to Work Less (and make MORE Money) as a Personal Trainer - Part II    
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Ryan Lee

Trainers Should Create Passive Income Through Information Products

How to Work Less (and make MORE Money) as a Personal Trainer - Part II

By: Ryan Lee

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In my previous column, I explained that your 'one on one' training revenue should be seen as only one of your dozens of potential revenue streams. I also revealed my 'Fitness Entrepreneur Spoke of Success' and outlined over a dozen varied income possibilities in the fitness industry. Each new article of this series will delve deeper into a specific revenue stream - and before you know it you'll be on your way to building a fitness empire! Today, I'm going to give an overview of my favorite revenue stream…

The Power of Information Products!

Multi-media Hands down, my all-time favorite revenue stream is by creating information products and you'll see dozens of examples of information product ideas throughout my articles. Information products can include, but are not limited to:
      • DVDs
      • CDs
      • Books
      • Manuals
      • Ebooks
      • Software
There are many more possibilities if you think creatively. In essence, you are packaging and selling your knowledge and information. The benefits of information publishing are almost limitless…
  • Help More People - If you only trained people one-on-one, you can only reach a limited number of people. But by packing your information as a product, you can help thousands of people or even hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Convenience - You can also work from home, in your spare time. I run a million dollar Fitness Empire from my home office. In fact, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to get started!

  • Low Risk - you can literally create products for under $50. For example, an ebook has almost zero start up cost and no inventory to manage. (I'll discuss ebooks in a future article)

  • Automatic Expert - By creating your own products, it automatically positions YOU as the expert!

  • Unlimited Income - Selling information products can be quite lucrative.

"Secrets To A Six Figure Income In Fitness"

O.K., now that you're certified, how are you going to get a higher return on that investment?

Want to be financially independent in your chosen field of fitness instruction?

On this idea filled DVD, Ryan Lee reveals many secrets on how to create multiple income streams by creating your own "information products", how to market your business with little or no cash, how to open your own facility and much more. A must for your self-improvement library.   more

How much money can you make? Well, after taking my program just three months ago, Patrick Beith sold over $20,000 worth of his speed training DVDs in just 30 days. Patrick is a highly motivated fitness professional and you can make more or less, it depends on how much action you are willing to take.

About Ryan Lee

Go to Ryan Lee's page.

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