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 Sprinting is Found to Release Human Growth Hormone (HGH) the Natural Way    
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Phil Campbell

Sprinting is Found to Release Human Growth Hormone (HGH) the Natural Way

"Will The Real Fitness Hormone Please Stand Up!"

by Phil Campbell

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the Fitness Hormone

When I completed the research phase for a health and fitness book in 2002, the bio-medical research was complete enough to draw hard conclusions about the type of fitness program that would make your body increase anti-aging, anti-MIDDLE-aging, and athletic performance improving HGH growth hormone - the fitness hormone. However, the research didn’t specifically test high-intensity sprints — until now!

"Medical Research shows high-intensity exercise can increase the body’s natural production of the fitness hormone by 530%!"

New Landmark Research

Indoor Rowing
To release your natural HGH "fitness hormone" you need to intensify. A 30 second all out sprint will release the hormone naturally.
The DNA and the cells they reproduce are no longer perfect copies but damaged copies. This begins the degradation of functioning cells that is commonly referred to as aging. Many age-related diseases are also attributed to this occurrence.

In a new study, researchers compared HGH growth hormone levels in several ways — resting (for a baseline measurement), after a 6 second cycle sprint, and after 30 second cycle sprint. Researchers also measured growth hormone for hours afterwards to see how long HGH stayed in participant’s bodies after exercise, (The time course of the human growth hormone response to a 6 second and a 30 second cycle ergometer [an indoor rowing machine that measures the amount of energy or work performed] sprint, 2002, Stokes).

The Results Are Incredible

The 6 second sprint method did move HGH some, but didn’t come close to the body’s potential to release this powerful hormone. The 30 second all-out effort sprint experiment increased HGH by 530% over resting baseline and 450% over the lesser intensity sprint.

Like earlier research studies, HGH stayed elevated for 1.5 to 2 hours after the sprinting program. And according to the researchers at the University of VA, the HGH released during exercise targets body fat for up to two hours after training. (Impact of acute exercise intensity on pulsatile growth hormone release in men, 2000, Pritzlaff).

This new research became the essence of my book; how to increase HGH through specific types of fitness training, and how to keep the fitness hormone in your body for two hours after training going after body fat.

The Synergy Fitness anaerobic sprint workout can be performed in many different ways — cycling, swimming, skiing, running, XC skiing, or even power walking. It can be performed in the gym on an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, recumbent bike, or a treadmill.

What ever the method, the goal is to reach all four critical HGH-release benchmarks during fitness training. This workout multi-tasks aerobic and anaerobic training during the same workout, and it takes about 20-minutes. (Details in Chapter 8, Accelerating Growth Hormone Release with Anaerobics)

May Be The Most Powerful Hormone In Your Body

HGH may be the most powerful fitness improving, anti-aging (and anti-middle-aging), body fat reducing, muscle toning, hormone in your body. And the fitness hormone can be increased by 530% with specific types of anaerobic fitness training. Natural is almost always better. And increasing the fitness hormone naturally through exercise is the natural choice!

Stay young.

Ready, Set, Go Synergy Fitness

Now you can increase your youth hormones that natural way!

Human Growth Hormone is also known as the "youth hormone" along with testosterone. Unfortunately, the body's natural production of it decreases sharply as we approach middle age. Increased HGH lessens that body fat around the middle which increases with age regardless of how many crunches one does.

Phil Campbell has done extensive research and written about exercise techniques, diet and supplementation that raises your body's natural levels of HGH. 

Ready Set Go! Synergy Fitness is a book for all middle-aged adults that want to tap into their body's natural production of HGH to lose weight, gain muscle mass and feel great. Based on scientific research into HGH production naturally in the body.

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