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7 Ways Free Publicity
Are You a Great Business Developer
Beware the Perfect Storm
Effective Fitness Facility Advertising
How to Close the Personal Training Sale
How to Motivate Your Health Club Sales Reps
Marketing Success in 3 Lessons
Questions are the Answer
Shifting the Sales Dynamics
Sorry My Club is Sold Out
You Sell a Health Club Membership
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 Health Club Sales & Marketing Articles

Health Club Marketing & Sales Articles

Juice Bars And Health Clubs…The Perfect Fit   by Chris Cuvelier

3 Amazingly Simple Methods for Member Retention at Your Health Club   by Curtis Mock

How To Transition Physical Therapy Patients To Fitness Facility Members   by Patricia Amend

Reaching Out to Baby Boomers   by Tom Perkins

Know Thy Market   by Colin Milner

Attracting Baby Boomers To Your Facility   by Diane Fields

How to Get Out of Voice Mail Jail   by Rob MacDonald

How to Increase Your Health Club Sales  by Jim Thomas

New Ten Commandments of Sales Prospecting  by Paul Goldner

Health Club Marketing Success in 3 Easy Steps  by Curtis Mock

Beware the Perfect Storm! - 2009 1st Quarter   by Geoff Hampton

How to Motivate Your Health Club Sales Reps in Tough Economic Times   by Jim Thomas

Sorry My Club is Sold Out The 3Rs of Business Development   by Mike Chaet

Effective Fitness Facility Advertising Should be in the Context of the Club Offering   by Geoff Hampton

Are You a Great Business Developer?   by Paul Goldner

7 Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Health Club   by Curtis Mock

Questions are the Answer!   by Dorothy Leeds

Three Secrets To Profiting From Internet Marketing   by Jimmy Mack

You Sell a Health Club Membership…When You Ask   by Jim Thomas

How to Close the Personal Training Sale   by Jim Labadie

Shifting the Sales Dynamics!   by Geoff Hampton

Unleashing The Full Potential Of Your Fitness Center   by Jimmy Mack

How Your Fitness Business Can Make More Money Online with Holiday Promotions   by Craig Ballantyne

How to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly in the Health Club Sale   by Jim Thomas

How to Set the Sales Playing Field   by Paul Goldner

How To Sell More Health Club Memberships Without Really Selling   by Jim Thomas

Ugly Cats, Boat Shoes, and overpriced Jewelry: The Sheer Illogic of Pricing   by Jimmy Mack

Nine Successful Low-Cost Promotions to Generate Health Club Leads   by Mike Chaet

Learn How to Create Marketing Opportunities From Health Fairs and Trade Shows   by Tom Perkins

Trade Shows - Going Virtual   by Al Valente

To Survive and Thrive, Avoid These Top Ten Fatal Marketing Mistakes   by Mike Chaet

Email, the Next Great Marketing Weapon for Health Clubs   by Al Valente

She Has Her Sales Hat On   by Rob MacDonald

Goal Setting Traits To Attract Clients   by Tom Perkins

Effective Branding Methods to Make Your Fitness Business Synonymous Within Your Locality  by Mike Chaet

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Health Club
Sales & Marketing Contributing Authors

Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Geoff Hampton Geoff Hampton
Mike Chaet Mike Chaet Paul Goldner Paul Goldner
Dorothy Leeds Dorothy Leeds Curtis Mock Curtis Mock
Craig Ballantyne Craig Ballantyne Jimmy Mack Jimmy Mack
Al Valente Al Valente Tom Perkins Tom Perkins
Rob MacDonald Tom Perkins    

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