Steps for Life Pedometer    

"Steps for Life" Pedometer

Counts Steps, Distance, Calories, and more

Steps for Life Pedometer  
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Losing Weight and Getting Healthy by Doing What Comes Naturally

Whether your goal is weight loss, or just a healthier lifestyle, the "Steps for Life" pedometer is the most effective way to track your distance, steps, time spent and calories burned.

This portable pedometer can be clipped to your belt to track every step you take. Its large digital display is easy to read. It includes a battery, clip, security strap, belt holder and an instruction manual. So wake up and begin your journey to optimum health with this fitness pedometer.

When You Know Your Numbers You'll Grow Your Numbers

You'd be surprised by how many steps you already take each day. A few hundred walking to the bus, a couple thousand going a few blocks down for lunch, and with a pedometer you'll know just how many steps you're taking and begin looking for ways to see that number get bigger every day.

As you add steps to your week, you'll lose more weight, improving your cardiovascular health, and just be doing your body good.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Attention all companies and organizations...

Healthy employees are more productive, take less time off due to illness and save on overall health insurance costs.

What better way to improve the health of your entire company than to issue free pedometers to your employees and offer rewards for goal achievement. You will both profit.

You can set up a one month "Challenge" to get your employee population healthy. After it's over, many will stick to the program.

The Steps for Life Pedometer:

A lightweight, affordable, and full-featured.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The "Steps for Life" pedometer
  • A 2 page User Guide on how to use your pedometer
  • A belt clip
  • A safety strap
  • Large digital display
  • Clock included
  • Counts steps at all positions perpendicular to the ground
  • Counts steps and aerobic steps during walking or jogging
  • Tracks distance traveled
  • Tracks calories burned
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4'' High x 2'' Wide x ¾" Deep
  • Light weight at 1 oz.
  • Battery included
  • 60-day warranty (free replacement)
Steps for Life Pedometer

Steps for Life Pedometer

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Walking with HeartFlex builds upper body strength in the hands, arms, shoulders, chest, and back. It increases cardio workout intensity thus maximizing the benefits of walking for health. When added to any walking fitness program, including walking exercises for a treadmill, HeartFlex tones and trims the upper body and delivers a total body workout.

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