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 The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Personal Trainers    
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Pat Rigsby


The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Personal Trainers

The Truly Successful Personal Trainers Aren't High Achievers by Accident

By Pat Rigsby

" After working with hundreds of personal trainers it's become very apparent that the truly successful aren't high achievers by accident. There are traits and habits that separate them from the rest of the industry and are the foundation of their success. Here are seven of the most prominent of those habits that you can start adopting today …"

Habit #1 - They embrace the business of personal training.

The personal trainers that say 'I don't want to sell' or 'I'm not interested in the business side of fitness' are invariably the ones who are failing to get clients and struggling to make ends meet. The successful personal trainers not only recognize that they are in business but they embrace it. They're passionate about business and marketing just like they're passionate about fitness and helping people.

Habit #2 - They never quit learning.

The elite personal trainers are constantly trying to learn more. They're always the ones taking the most notes at seminars and stocking their libraries. It's not by accident that most of the top fitness pros spend a significant part of their income on education. They view it as an investment, while the average trainers view it as an expense.

Habit #3 - Client satisfaction is paramount.

While client satisfaction is important to everyone, it's most important to the elite fitness professional. By overdelivering to everybody - clients, prospects, their network - the elite fitness pros make everyone their 'champions,' singing their praises to everyone they come in contact with.

Habit #4 - They use the power of leverage

The successful fitness pro leverages their time by training in groups, hiring employees, documenting their knowledge in information products and recognizing that every relationship they have is a tremendously valuable asset and should be treated accordingly. The average trainer continues

Habit #5 - They focus on the lifetime value of a client.

While the ordinary personal trainer is entirely focused on making the first sale, the extraordinary trainer is focused on providing as much value as possible to the client and is focused on cultivating the relationship with that client so that it reaches it's maximum potential.
personal training
Top fitness pros spend a good part of their income on education. They view it as an investment rather than an expense. (Photo courtesy IYCA.)

Habit #6 - They sell their services on value, not price.

The successful personal trainer recognizes that people want a good deal and want to be treated fairly - but they don't mind paying for results. The average personal trainer competes on price and bases their rates on the competition, while the successful trainer bases their rates on the value they deliver.

Habit #7 - They market all year long.

Successful personal trainers continually market, regardless of their need for new clients. They may change their approach to more community outreach or publicity, but they never stop marketing. Average personal trainers only worry about marketing when it's too late - when they need clients.

No doubt, these seven habits all seem very simple. Hopefully you've already adopted all seven, but if not - identify what's separating you from success and fill in the blanks. It's as simple as creating a new habit.

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