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U.S. Largest Air Support Structure Covers Multi-Sports Fields

In the back hills of Pennsylvania, Generations Sports Complex installed the largest air support structure in the U.S. A mammoth 135,000 ft² of playing fields all under one roof without any support columns. This is all attributed to advanced technologies provided by Arizon Structures. It's just a couple of short miles from Williamsport where the Little League World Series are held each year.

Muncy, PA- No one outside of town would ever have heard of Williamsport Pennsylvania were it not for the extravaganza of the Little League World Series held every August. Now, just a couple of miles away, the tiny hamlet of Muncie Pennsylvania, is also now officially on the map.

This past Fall, Generations Sports Complex installed the largest air support structure in that U.S. It will be a popular venue for a host of sporting events from soccer to football to baseball, and everything in between. The significance is that it's all in one building without cumbersome columns or pillars. And the bubble can withstand the winter and wind velocities that Pennsylvania has to offer.
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New technologies allowed the Generations Sports Complex to cover an area 2 football fields in length by almost a football field wide without support columns to get in the way.
"The dome is truly magnificent, it stands 75 feet in the air and encompass 135,000 ft² -nearly two football fields long and almost the length of a football field wide," said Fred Marty, executive director at Generations Sports Complex.

The dome anchors an 80-acre family sports and recreation complex in Lycoming County, and soon a new YMCA community center will follow offering sports medicine/physical therapy clinic and a gymnastics facility with rock-climbing wall.

Arizon Structures New Technology Makes It Possible

The sports dome, manufactured by Arizon Structures was developed by Turkey Run Partners. The dome will be leased by Second To None Soccer who started delivery of a variety of sports programs in late 2006.

The earliest use of air-supported structures was to temporarily enclose single tennis courts and swimming pools. But recent technology developed by Arizon allows for larger coverage of space. The company's proprietary Johnson Air Rotation technology and unique Arizon Cable Grid System enables a virtually unlimited, column-free or support-free span.

The applications are limitless, domes can now be used to cover:

  • Auto race tracks,
  • Ice arenas
  • Indoor golf driving ranges
  • Aquatic centers
  • Football, baseball, softball, track, lacrosse, basketball sports complexes
  • Multi-sport facilities
  • Tennis complexes
  • Soccer complexes

Second To None Soccer Develops Curriculum

For the new Generations Sports Complex, Second To None Soccer will provide a year-round curriculum of development programs for soccer players of all ages and abilities. In addition to year-round soccer programs, the facility is easily convertible into a golf driving range on weekdays or open space for a variety of sports and activities for adults, children and families.

"In addition, this complex will enable the community to host regional sporting events, which will help attract more visitors to the businesses and bring new dollars to the local economy, " said Fred Marty of Generations Sports Complex.

About Arizon Structures

Go to Arizon contact page.

Posted: 02/22/2007

Source: Arizon Structures

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