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Franco Carlotto, Swiss Hunk, to Ally With "The Right Solution" Nutritional Supplement Line

(01/10/03) Gateway Distributors, holding company for The Right Solution line of nutritional supplements, announced that the company will begin a "wellness" marketing campaign for the year 2003 which will feature Franco Carlotto, model, bodybuilder, and famous five-time winner of the "World Fitness Title".

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January 10, 2003 Las Vegas -- Gateway Distributors, Ltd announced that the company will begin a "wellness" marketing campaign for the year 2003 which will feature Franco Carlotto, model, bodybuilder, and the famous five-time winner of the "World Fitness Title". Franco Carlotto

Rick Bailey, president/chief executive officer, said, "We are proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with Franco Carlotto who holds the World Fitness title for the fifth year straight. This will fit very well with our marketing strategies for 2003 and we are confident that it will enhance our revenues and help us attain the growth projected for 2003. Our customer base is growing daily and we look forward to a successful profitable year."

Since first starting competitions in the early 1990s, Carlotto, a Swiss bodybuilder and competitor, and his compliment-getting physique have earned several awards, including the title of Mr. Switzerland three times and twice the title of Mr. International. He has created and shaped his exquisite 5-foot-11-inch, 220-pound body through hard work and dedication only.

"My attitude is not to take drugs," he says. "I want to be healthy and reach my goals without cheating. It's a much harder and longer way, but it's worth it." He prefers to call his exercise and diet program body styling because he concentrates on symmetry, form, proportion and aesthetics."

Franco Carlotto said, "I am very fortunate and grateful to hold five Mr. World Fitness titles, what makes me the most successful fitness athlete of all times. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of optimum health, fitness and life quality. However, the highest privilege for me is to share all my fitness knowledge I learned and discovered with the world now. It is my ultimate vision and dream to inspire an entire generation of people to achieve their highest potential through the metaphor of health and fitness. During my whole career I was desperately looking for the perfect, ultimate nutritional supplements, which enable the normal mainstream person as well as the competitive athlete to maximize its own fitness and performance potential. Ever since I was introduced to The Right Solution Product Line, I was impressed, indeed shocked, about its quality. This is what I was always searching for!"

Through his title and success he became the idol of millions, especially in Europe. He is constantly in the spotlight on television and in magazines and has already appeared on more then 10 covers worldwide. As a Top Model and Fitness Expert, Franco enthusiastically motivates people worldwide towards an active, healthy and drug-free lifestyle, coupled with a positive mental attitude. He also enjoys being a role model to students and young people and lectures them.

Gateway Distributors will be coordinating a marketing campaign with Carlotto to offer its products and program to the general public.

About Gateway Distributors Ltd

Gateway Distributors Ltd is based in Las Vegas and is a holding company that, through its subsidiary TRSG Corporation, does business as "The Right Solution", a network marketing company that sells whole food nutrition, environmental solutions, and health and dietary supplements throughout North America and Japan.

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